A joint meeting of the Scientific, Methodological and Scientific Councils was held in Nur-Sultan

October 02 of this year in the city of Nur-Sultan, a joint meeting of the Scientific-Methodological and Scientific Councils was held in an online format. By the decision of the meeting, 5 methodological recommendations were adopted and approved. In addition, questions were considered about the possibility of separating complex types of expertise and research:1) Forensic phonographic examination: “Forensic phonographic research. Spectral (instrumental) research of the voice and sounding speech ”, 2) Forensic phonographic research. Auditory and linguistic research of the voice of a speech, 3) “Forensic psychologists-forensic research”, 4) “Forensic psychological and philological research”, 5) “Forensic religious studies and political studies of objects of a religious nature”, as well as the decision the issue of the possibility of isolation and the creation of a new type of examination “Forensic linguistic / philological examination”.

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