Implementation of the pilot project of the “E-saraptama” information system

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan is implementing the information system “E-Saraptama”, designed to automate the activities of forensic examination bodies.

Now, forensic experts will have the opportunity to draw up and send expert opinions in electronic form, to carry out all necessary procedural actions in electronic format. ”

E-Saraptama” has been launched in pilot mode at the Institute of Forensic Examinations in the Pavlodar region since October 1 of this year.

The introduction of the system made it possible to simplify the procedure for appointing a forensic examination, since now the entire cycle of paper document circulation from the moment of sending resolutions for examination, their acceptance by an expert, as well as the issuance of an opinion has been digitized. Within the framework of the IS “E-saraptama”, in addition to automating the processes associated with the production of examinations (reception, processing of incoming resolutions and definitions on the appointment of expertise, the direction of the docum.

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